Sunday, November 28, 2010

So I Say Hello, Right?

I suppose that's how these things work on the first post. I say hello and introduce myself to the Internet. I guess I can do a little bit of that. The name is Michael Henry Abner (hence, Michenab - creative right?) and I am  majoring in journalism at Metro State University of Denver. I go by Henry. The break for Thanksgiving has just ended which means classes are starting back up soon. And of course I'm still procrastinating by writing on this blog instead of finishing my work. Sometimes I swear I don't know how I get everything done. But enough whining about problems I cause. For now.

So why create a blog? That's usually what I wonder when I stumble across one: why did this person make it? So I figure I'll answer that question straight out in the first post. Y'see, I like to write. But not everything I write is applicable to my classes and some of it is just too good (in my opinion) to let it rot in some dusty notebook or rarely used computer drive. So I figure, why not let it out to the public, right? And maybe I'll get the motivation I need to publish myself. Who knows. But for now, I'll say this:

tl;dr I'm Michenab and I like to write so this is where I'm going to foist myself upon the Internet.



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