Saturday, April 2, 2011


I still don’t like this. Veronica shouldn’t be here.

I went along because Damien thought it was a good idea, because I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere at all without him. Because Henry needed it, I know that I’d have kept a woman around if I’d had one when all this started for me. But now the wall, or barrier or whatever it is is breaking, it barely covers the building now. Hank just sits there concentrating calmly, though you can occasionally see a strain on his face presumably from keeping this going.

I saw our agressor out in the lot this morning, I haven’t said anything yet however. I haven’t got a chance to, I just can’t get Veronica away from Henry. I’m starting to get worried though. I don’t think we’re going to stay safe in here much longer.

I don’t know what Damien was thinking, how is she supposed to help if she knows nothing and we can’t tell her a thing? She’s not an extra adult, just another body to protect. She really needs to go. I think she feels it though. She’s been getting jumpy and complaining there's something claustrophobic about air in here. I assume she means Henry’s… energy I suppose is what you’d call it. I’ve tried convincing her again, nicer this time, that she should get out for a bit, get some fresh air or go to the store or something. She refuses to leave Henry or the girl though. I think she’s afraid for him; he’s barely spoken since their fight, he just sits there maintaining our shield. And of course she still doesn’t trust me.

Fuck. I shouldn’t have relented.
This was a bad decision.

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