Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sometimes I have weird dreams.

I write this having just awoken from a nice little nap... not that I'm having any trouble at all waking up early and then staying awake... I have no idea what you are talking about.

Anyhow. The dream reminds me of a book I had to read for class a few semesters back, "Vain Art of the Fugue," and while there are some light similarities I'm mostly just using this feeling to bump a pretty cool book, so yeah check it out, I'm going to get back on point now. The dream.

The dream was me just trying to live a day back in Austin. My brother was throwing some party, my mom went out shopping, and I was just trying to get out the door to hang our with some friends. Unfortunately I kept screwing it up. I'd fall alseep and sleep through my plans due to entertaining dreams (yes in my dreams, it's a fairly common occurrence in mine, though not as common as waking up and still being asleep), I'd make it out of my room to tumble down the stairs and be rushed to the hospital, I'd get outside and be carted off by my brother and his friends to some restaurant or movie. And it would just keep going, resetting and having me try it again, often with disastrous results for my person.

The final attempt was... interesting. I made it out of the room safely, not even a stubbed toe. I got wrangled into my brother's car but managed to remember my goal and escaped before they drove away and strode triumphant to the front lawn where I saw... two people. I suppose these people were supposed to be my friends but I had never seen them before. One was a pretty girl about my age she had dyed yellow hair and was fidgeting with a Tarot Deck. The other was a young black haired boy with his bangs in his eyes, he refused to look up at me or really even acknowledge me so much, he seemed to be here to hang out with the girl, he felt like a stranger to me. Regardless I sat down and lied back staring towards a sky that didn't exist, and spilling out a bag of turnips I had been carrying for whatever reason.

And then it happened, there was a pull, something behind my ripped me away from my lawn, a stream flowing backwards up into a cave and later a spiral. I tried to fight it and get back to the lawn but I wasn't strong enough, it pulled me backwards over grass and sidewalks, I saw my brother planning his party thing and called out to him but he couldn't make out what I said. So it went and pulled me all the way to its source, a white stone room up at the tip of the spiral, where I dropped a turnip I had tried to cling to and said "To hell with this I'm done."

I was in my house in the living room, the TV was on and I sat on the couch. My mom walked in finished with groceries and proceeded to bitch at me for something or another, but I was having none of it, it had been much too long a day. I clasp my hand shut at her and her voice stopped, I settled back into the couch and enjoyed my show. My brother walked in and asked me what I'd been shouting, but annoyed with him I wound my finger counter clockwise and he started to walk backwards out the door, talking in reversed gibberish all the while. The last things I saw before awaking were my mother angrily miming at him to come back inside not aware that I'd put her on mute, and a brief image of myself clapping as if to say "I'm done with this shit, Time to get up."

So before I leave you today I want to give you access to a couple little links

Somnium by Valor Kand's era of Christian Death, a song that I now alway think of when my dreams start to dream or I wake in a dream,
And a little info on "Vain Art of the Fugue"

P.S. Actual content today. What the Balls?



  1. I love that song. Christian Death is phenomenal.

  2. Actually, while I'm here...

  3. Wow Kal. And I thought I had interesting dreams.