Saturday, January 29, 2011


I went to my grandparents' today to help my grandfather out with some remodeling they're doing. Nothing major, I think, but I still managed to get covered in saw dust and fiber glass. I'll explain more later after I take a nap and get back from the party I'm going to later. I really shouldn't take the hours I sue to relax out of my sleeping hours. It's a bad idea. Anyhow, more to come later, but for now, this:

(and with that I feel like a cheesy radio DJ; now back to your scheduled programming)

I am just a man – and so are you.
But listen to what they say you do!
They’ve made you God and you’ve accepted.
But think: what happens when you’re rejected?
Yes, I say when, not if because
You’re wholly man – you have your flaws.
How can you maintain this fa├žade?
You can’t – You’re only man – where is your God?

I love you well, please understand,
But I foresee your blood thrown ‘cross the sand.
And in that hour, as you lose, your power,
The crowd will take your crown, replace your flower
With a thorn – and set it upon you.
And what I can do?
I want to save you.

But you teach to be pure
While you gather the ugly.
Your hypocritical actions
Will pull down your tree
Before they nail you to it.
And I am the ax that you wield against yourself;
I am the hammer and the nails,
Though it hurts me to hear your wails of pain.
You should have listened to me.
You should have stayed the same.


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