Friday, January 28, 2011

You know what's Terrible?

Its terrible when you wake up 5 minutes before your alarm clock goes off and you sit there in a daze before it starts blaring in your ear. In commemoration of this most horrid event I'm going to shower and dress for work, but before we do that I think I'll let you all act as an excuse to cower in my warm bed a while longer before going out into the hallway to face the cruel elements of apartment life. Aferwards I may hunt down and devour a box of wild cheerios before starting the long hard migration to the fabled land of Skool.

So, in recognition of this event I give you all...
Drum roll please
... a Vox 93 style music dump. Primarily of the songs that make my little mornings of hell a tad less hellish.

Starting off the list is Temple of Love, a lyrically beautiful song from The Sisters of Mercy, and a pretty rocking one at that... but everyone loves Temple of Love much like everybody loves Black Planet (except me, Black Planet isn't bad, there are just so many songs that I prefer to it), so let's go and get some more Mercy on.

Directly above is my favorite, and what I believe to be Damien's favorite Sisters song respectively, though I'm not going to wake him at this awful hour to check on it. And with that we move on to the next band...

London After Midnight

London after Midnight is obviously rather political minded, and while I can't always share it their opinions I can certainly enjoy their music.

Next up we have the very talented Emilie Autumn

Her work exhibits a particular darkness that I find incredibly attractive, a sort of tortured sound of someone who's been broken but carries on anyhow... I'm not really sure how to articulate what it is I like about her music, a venom or bitterness perhaps, but there is one thing I can say for certain...

...Some of it makes me extremely thankful for my Y chromosome.

Slowly rising on my list of favorite bands (slowly due to my own lack of exploration ) is Christian Death

If familiar you'll notice these are all Valor Kand pieces, this is because I haven't given Rozz a proper listen yet, though I must say I'm really liking what I've head of Valor.

Next up, deviating from everything that's come before we've got some Tom Waits

And finally the single song that got me started on music in the first place - The Mission UK's Amelia

It should be mentioned that I sing these songs along with my iPod... loudly... and terribly... and considering the lyrical content of some of them (read: nearly all of them) I get some pretty strange looks. My singing is a voice box weaponized.


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  1. This is Setoth, of Vox93, and I approve of every single song that has been posted on here. Brilliant pieces, all of them, for their own reasons. You have impeccable tastes, good sir :D

    And yes, Lucretia My Reflection is my favorite Sisters song, followed shortly thereafter by Temple of Love and Poison Door.