Monday, February 21, 2011


Alright. Calm down. I just need to calm down.

I'm going crazy, going right fucking insane, there is no other explanation for this bullshit. This fucking sleep deprivation of mine is the only logical explanation. I'm stressed to hell and dealing with this damn irrational guilt about that fucking little girl and it's wracking my mind. It's making me see shit. It's a hallucination... it has to be... I mean things like that just don't exist. It's gotta be a hallucination. It wasn't real, none of that was real, just a brain failure. I'm perfectly safe in here. Locked up in my room barricaded to all hell. Perfectly safe. I'm just going crazy, I'm just exhausted. It wasn't real. It wasn't real. Honestly, it couldn't have been real. 


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