Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not a good day...

What. The. Hell.

I just got out of police custody. No actually that may be misleading, saying I just got out of police questioning might be a better way to put it. 

I was riding the bus home today as usual when I got a call from Henry. Police officers were at the apartment and were looking for me... granted I had no clue what the hell was going on but told him I was on my way back.

Turns out one of the absent students from Friday went missing. A little girl. And seeing as I student teach for the class and have no history of working with children I get to be  suspect. Yay. I mean I get it, here I am some random college student suddenly working at an elementary school and a kid goes missing, yeah that's the sorta thing that you investigate, I get it I really do. But it sucks, I mean what are schools going to think? We notice that while you were student teaching a child went missing, sorry we aren't going to hire you creepy guy. 

Oh yes. And a little girl is missing. Since Friday. That's just awesome. What the hell is wrong with people?

Anyhow a crowd is forming around our room trying to figure out why a cop is hanging about so end up getting stuffed in the back of a police car and taken down to the station to this little room where I was asked a bunch of questions, they figured it would be better that way. Honestly I was in no position to protest. It wasn't the sort of room you see on TV crime shows, it was a small maybe 7' x 6' room with yellowed walls and one of those little folding laminate table thingys pressed up against one of the walls. No windows, just a door and yellowed walls. It was claustrophobic. The officer sits me down on one of the short sides of the table and takes a seat on the long side and starts to ask me a bunch of questions.

I'm shaking, my voice is stuttering, I am terribly uncomfortable. Not only are my fears of authority figures acting up, I AM BEING FREAKING INTERROGATED. It was not an experience I'd like to repeat, I doubt I did a great job of making myself look innocent. So he goes off and he starts asking me where I was from Friday afternoon onwards. 

I told him that on Friday after work I walk/rode the bus home like every other day. That I came home, cooked and ate some sausage, sat down and started reading the book reports I was given to pre-grade and then went to sleep early to ski with my dad and his buddy. I told him that both days over the weekend I woke up early, went out to the mountain and skied 'til 3ish before coming home and watching a bit of TV and doing some more schoolwork at the apartment. Then I just started to spew everything I knew about Sara (the missing girl). I told him how she would stare out the window towards the playground incessantly, yet preferred to stay inside at recess. I told him how she often read in class and as result was scolded by Mrs. Veglahn. I told him about how on my first day there she came to me on the playground and asked me if I saw something in the woods behind the school. He asked more several questions about her I couldn't answer, and then eventually he let me go call up Henry, and then go back home.

I hope Sara's alright wherever she is.


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