Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The hell...

Some cops came around the apartment today. I noticed them when I got home from a trip to the store (and what a short trip that was, it's cold) and was wondering why they were kinda lurking in the hall by the front door but I didn't make the connection then.  I guess they were waiting for someone to show up because not too long after they knocked on the door (standard police knock - BANG BANG BANG) asking after Kal. I told them I didn't know then shut the door in their faces (I don't like cops much), locked it and immediately called Kal to let him know. I couldn't tell him why they wanted him (I didn't know myself) but I warned him off before the call dropped.

The dumb bastard showed up anyway. I didn't get any information after that, they just BANG-BANG-BANG'd on the door again after Kal opened the door - he didn't even get the time to drop his stuff and the cops were in hauling him off. Fuck. I'm flipping through the yellow pages for lawyers now and have been for most of the half hour or so Kal's been gone. I don't even know what the hell.


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