Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Henry. Please. Things aren't how they look.

Henry. Please listen, I've called you a dozen times and I just keep getting an out of service message. 

I need you to read this. I can guess what you're thinking right now but you're wrong. I really need to talk to you but more than that I need you to keep that girl safe. You have to go somewhere away from people, everybody. 

If anyone you don't know approaches you I need you to run. If you see a tall man... well then you definitely have to run. 

Please Henry, get in contact with me, this is important. After we talk if you want to call the police or whoever else that's fine, but for the time being you need to keep that girl safe.

Be careful, and please listen me. We've lived together for two years. Please give me the benefit of the doubt.

Just this once. It's important.



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