Thursday, March 31, 2011

The She-Devil.

I went back to Ronnie's, after... after whatever it was that happened at Burger King. She was still trying to get some kind of reaction out the girl. I guess her name is Sara. I tried to relax. I saw Kal's message to me - and ignored it. I tried to put that whole encounter out of my mind, tried to ignore the fact that Ronnie was fussing over an empty shell of a girl in the next room - but then a little flash of movement outside of a window of Ronnie's house (her parents do quite well) caught my eye. Closer inspection revealed a view of the street, lit in the eerie way only streetlamps can accomplish. And directly beneath one was him. It was copied terribly out of every bad horror flick, but it was pulled off artfully. Nothing should be that terrifying, nothing should be that... that other. 

I began collecting all my things, everything I'd brought, into my bag, then went for the girl. Ronnie tried to stop me, asked me where I was going, but I didn't answer. I couldn't. Sara and I had to leave. We had to get away from Ronnie. Ronnie wasn't safe with us around. Even so, I heard her grabbing her car keys, and I felt, in some small way, reassured by that. I was heading back to the apartment. Where I am now. On the quickest way from Ronnie's place to mine is a street that is almost completely dark for a decent stretch of road. Only the moon and stars gave light to it. I thought nothing of it. Until, moving at the upper edge of the speed limit, I was forced to slam on the breaks because there he was again. Standing there, immovable. I heard Ronnie's breaks squealing as I began to curse and flash my highbeams on and off, not daring to move. Then I accidentally turned my lights off. The dead silence of the encounter at Burger King began to creep in on me. Ronnie honked her horn, snapping me out of the same paralysis I had felt earlier and I slammed the gas petal, no doubt leaving a trail of rubber on the road, before even considering to flip the lights back on.

The rest of the drive was uneventful, but the paranoia - the thought that I might run into that thing again - soaked through me. When we finally got to the complex, I heard Ronnie begin to protest about coming where Kal might be, but I didn't respond then either. I had to keep moving. I'm sorry for ignoring her but... I just had to keep moving. Holding the girl in my arms, bag slung over my shoulder, I began running once I got inside. Behind me I heard the slap-slap slap-slap of Ronnie trying to keep up in her flip-flops. I only had to make it to the third floor. I tried the elevator first - but as it opened, I caught a flash of red - horrible red - in what seemed the shape of a tie and bolted for the stairs. Only two flights. I only had to make it up two flights, to the  third floor.

Somehow I did it. Somehow, Ronnie and I and the girl... we all made up there and to the apartment. Somehow we
Sorry folks, Henry had to go off and deal with his girlfriend’s temper tantrum, I decided to post this up in case she kills him in there, she is not a happy girl. 

She doesn’t like me much… not that I can really blame her; last time we met I tried to shove her back into the hallway. Funny thing there, that was my exact same response when I saw Henry lead her in this time. But between the look of terror on his face and her damned persistence I eventually had to cave. She doesn’t trust me, she hasn’t seen it yet and that’s why she needs to leave.

Henry wants what’s best for her, I can tell, but he’s also in a somewhat fragile state now. His world is falling apart and he thinks he needs her as some sort of comfort. I’ve tried convincing him to send her home, or… encouraging her that she’d be happier anywhere but here. It’s not going well. Like I said she’s fucking persistent; and now she, Henry, along with little Sara (it is her, though Veronica hasn’t allowed me to give her a decent look over) are holed up in Henry’s room yelling at each other.

She doesn’t understand why they’re here, because you know I’m a childnapper/probable rapist and whatnot. The more she yells about it the less I want to kick her out. Maybe I should just let her stay and suffer whatever fate awaits us. No, that’s a cruel thought and not fair at all. Especially given what she “knows” it’s a perfectly valid assumption. Still the accusation hurts.

Henry on the other hand is refusing to explain, he just keeps telling her to trust him, to ignore me, and that despite appearances this is all for the best. He doesn’t want to anger her further, doesn’t want to kick her out. Her wanting to be here probably seems like some big gesture to him.

He’s wrong.

She needs to go. It’s for her best interest.




  1. Listen to me, the both of you. Right now it seems my Oneiros theory is partly correct. At the very least its the only explanation for why he only interacts with those who seek him out; He needs to be in your subconscious. The astral plane experience confirms this as a method of transportation. His victims must be aware of him on some level. Ronnie might be dangerously close, so don't discuss a damn thing with her. Kal, if you're reading this and they're still discussing shit, stop them now. I don't give the remotest flying fuck what she says, stop them and give some lame-ass excuse. Say you were covering for an ex-con uncle and you had no idea he kidnapped the girl you were holding. Whatever you do just get the idea of Slender Man out of her head. And then get Henry to read this. It is imperative for yours and everyone's survival.

    Henry, if YOU are reading this then listen to everything I just told Kal and take heed. You might have read my blog. If you have, you know what I'm talking about. He's in your subconscious now. You're a target. Which makes Ronnie a priority, as she *may* still be safe.

    The problem is I don't know how much is enough for the Slender One to make her a target. He might already be in her thoughts enough to make her a target. The way I see it, you've got two alternatives; One, keep her mind off of him and blame those appearances on ANYTHING else. Rapist uncles, escaped prisoner, light reflected off swamp gas, it doesn't matter what. But don't let her think about him. You're doing a good job so far by not telling her details but if she starts thinking too much about him it might be enough. Remove the mystery surrounding the figure she saw and lie. Two, you can try and protect her, which will mean keeping her in the apartment and not leaving her side.

    I'm saying protect her because of the three adults in the apartment, you've got the best shot of keeping everyone safe. I read your encounter. You've done Konstantinos before. You have some experience with magick, which at the very least seems to have some effect on the Slender One. You need to perform the Ars Goetia. It's an old Abrahamic Occult tradition that should provide a decent defense against the Slender One. It creates an imprint of some part of your conscious mind in the Astral Plane who takes the form of an old Solomonic Demon. It should provide some defense of the apartment and keep him out. I'm working on doing the ritual myself after Arkady and I drew his ire by helping Kal.

    There you will find the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon. Read fast, give Kal a list of supplies, and start working on it. I recommend Sabnock or Asmodeus as your Solomonic demon of choice.

    Best of luck

    Love Under Will

  2. You're lucky Kal got my attention on this... I was about to go to sleep on my floor. I've somehow been conned out of my bed. By the way, Kal, you are a bastard and if I weren't so tired I'd consider hitting you. Just so everyone else knows too.

    The Ars Goetia hm.. I've heard of it, but never looked into it much. I've not done many proper rituals. But I suppose if there was ever a time for me to start one up, it'd be now. Okay. I'll get Kal to run out and go shopping, stay with Ronnie and the girl while he does. I don't know how much my experience in this will actually help, but.. if nothing else, Damien, thanks for some kind of direction.


  3. No problem man. I'm just sorry you got dragged into this.

    I feel compelled to warn you that based on what I've been reading, survival rate is really low among those who deal with the Slender One. Arkady and I have come close to death a few times already (Arkady much, much more than I have). Most of us don't expect to make it out of this alive. But if you want to stand a chance of doing so, stay strong and be vigilant. At the very least we can make this long-limbed bastard bleed.

    Love Under Will