Sunday, March 27, 2011

I can't believe this. Kal really had been seeming better. I mean, yeah, he still thought this Slender thing was coming after him and the weird shit with the groceris, but that was manageable. He wasn't completely flipping his shit about it anymore at least. And it seemed he had moved past some of his guilt about the girl too. I really thought he was making progress. But. I came home tonight after a date with Ronnie. We'd been having a good time, I hadn't seen Kal all day so I assumed he wouldn't be home, so I brought her back. Ronnie and I were, well, let's say we were in a good mood - ready to get things done, if you understand me. I open the door, and there's Kal in the main room. It wouldn't have been odd (just inconvenient) except that he had on some weird music really loud and he was kind of just swaying in front of a window, looking out at something. I went to see what it could be, but when he noticed Ronnie and I were there, he freaked out and started screaming at us to get out, and trying to force us out of the apartment. Eventually, I just turned and walked Ronnie out of the place. This isn't the first time Ronnie has met Kal and she knows that he's been going through a hard time, but I think this experience scared her more than a little. She offered very quickly to take me back to her place. I accepted, even though I knew the mood was killed. I'm writing from her place now - she's already gone to sleep. I'll be back home tomorrow morning.


Kal: we need to talk again. This has gone too far.


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