Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's just wrong.

I don’t like this… it’s not right; this isn’t how it should be. I shouldn't want to go out there. Not when he’s out there. But I do… there’s this urge, this pull to see just what it seems to want to show me. He’s been coming to me in my dreams, like not appearing in them as a force like before, but somehow intruding. They’ve been serene, not nightmares just this strange place… a forest maybe… it’s hard to remember really, it’s very much a dream world, there's that incoherancy to it all. He isn’t an antagonist in the dreams though, not a frightening set piece either… it’s more of a person, an actual man of shadow. Is this why others call it "him" and "he" and their affectionate little nicknames? Does it come to them in dreams too; does it try to introduce itself as a man rather than a monster?

I’m sorry. I’m getting off topic.

Anyhow, there he is off in some place I cannot quite see… he… he stands there invitingly, like he wants me to come into the shadows with him. It’s been like this since he broke into… well appeared in the apartment. It’s actually pretty funny thinking of the big bad Slenderman kicking down the door or jimmying to the lock. It’s nice to have something to laugh about actually. But so I’ve been looking out to him when the static blares up and the voices from my laptop distort… and of course there he is. Strange thing is though, when I look out and I see him it’s no longer so intimidating… instead he’s in that same inviting stance. It’s like he wants me to come out and play….


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