Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Challengers

Old Time Quest

Far away from cold adventures,
The old-man guide forgets his dentures
And ventures into the forest alone,
Leaving the heroes guarding his home.
As he wanders through the snowy leaves,
The old man slowly sinks and grieves
And thinks about what he has lost,
What he has done and at what cost.
Mem’ries of old family,
Long gone in manifest
But still existing in his chest,
Haunt his spirit as he walks
And thoughts of past talks
With young tots about sparks and hawks
Flit through his mind.
He sees the ending coming
As his trail-end comes to sight.
So, in deep night, without fright,
The old man sits upon a bench,
Lays himself so his back won’t wrench,
And stares up at the sky,
Becoming glassy-eyed,
While the heroes back home
Expect the return of a man in bliss
Who ended with a kiss.

I've always been interested in people. How they act and why they act. That's part of what influenced my decision to go into journalism: so I can record the actions of others and see what they do in different circumstances and states of mind. I've learned that the human mind can be infectious though, and I have a tangible example living in my apartment. I worry about Kal. He's getting worse and now he's dragged his friend Damien into his Slender Man mess, which is fairly impressive given it's been a while since they actually saw each other in person. Then of course there's this "Arkady" fellow who seems to have teamed up with Damien. From what little I've managed to gather so far, Arkady is simply a crazed drug addict using the Slender Man myth to hide the fact that he has a problem and bribe a room out of Damien with his supposedly superior knowledge. I honestly don't know where people like this come from, but I send thanks to every god I seem to have some sort of immunity to insanity after my own plunge into darkness a while ago. Maybe it's like chicken pox. This could come off as mean, but I don't know what else to do to snap Kal out of it. I've tried everything nice that I can think of. I mean, sure, he's my good friend, I'm still going to support him but I won't enable his self-imposed lunacy.

Now I do understand that Kal is torn up about this little girl that's disappeared, but what could he have really done? If the stories I've been following and searching up these last couple months (see: this and this) are any indication, this kidnapping at Kal's school is probably related and all signs point to whoever it is being very good at this. I don't know what else to say to him, but hopefully he can bring himself out of this hole he's dug for himself soon.



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