Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Insanity

You know, I read all of Henry's posts. I'll skip over his poetry from time to time because I haven't the head for it but I do read his posts. 

 He must see me as a psychopath, all locked up in my room and hiding away, leaving only to go to work or grab something from the store. I can see the sorry way he looks at me. You know its depressing. I don't know many people around here, he really is one my best friends these days, we don't hang out anymore. No shitty horror flicks, no video games, no random chats. Hank and I used to do shit, now he'll shy away from me. It's like he's afraid he'll catch my insanity. 

 I think he's right to avoid me though. I mean look at Damien: sure it's after him because of his stupid fucking summoning, but all the same... Well I just wanted to let him know there are no hard feelings about this distance between us. It's really probably for the better, I mean I've got Damien and this Arkady fellow of his, along with a good chunk of the internet drowning in madness with me... I don't want to get Henry involved in this shit too.


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