Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Burgers and Gays

*Let me preface this post by stating that I have no ill feelings towards bisexual of homosexual people of either gender, that I believe they should be permitted the same rights including marriage and whatever else as heterosexual couples, and that I have friends (albeit ones I've lost contact with) of the homosexual persuasion.*

Apparently Henry was gone for most of the weekend... I hadn't noticed, it's sorta hard to notice just about anything when you're sleeping 18 hours a day and feeling foggy for the few hours you are awake. Only time I myself went out all weekend was when my dad stopped by. He drops in on occasion when his job brings him this way, we'll end up going skiing or something on weekends but as I've been ill it wasn't a good week for that, which was really too bad, I like skiing. Instead we ended up going down to see the Parade of Lights at the 16th street mall as was his request and went to grab a burger. The parade was as you would expect, loud, christmasy, filled with people; and as it was a winter parade in Denver (read: someplace cold) it was sadly lacking in scantily clad women. It also blocked off a large chunk of the mall area so we had to seek out a place other than Pat's cheese steak bar to eat.

Yes, Denver has authentic Philly Cheese Steak places... it's like the best thing ever.

Anyhow, we wind up at this place called Burger Mary's. Now Burger Mary's is a sort of place that is hard to accurately describe, but we walked in looking for a bite to to eat and came to discover it was a bar/restaurant  deal and it was blaring what I think may have been some Beyonce or Rhianna song simply because there were accompanying music videos on the television and I know of no other blackish pop singers. Anyhow this particular detail isn't so important beyond a possible warning sign. Second thing I noticed was the abundance of gay couples, they made up something like 60% of the store's customers. And then I looked at the menu and realized that I could not with good conscience read off any off the items. Our waiter walked up, he was in tight fitting black clothes, one diamond studded ear, and with a lisp and a flourish asked me what I'd like to drink. Sprite I said as I'm not so keen on alcohol, to which he replied "Oh good for you." I can only imagine from the waiters actions that he saw my dad as some sort of male cougar... weird stuff right there.

Now as I said in my little disclaimer at the top of the page I has no ill will against gays folks or bisexuals or anything like that. The way I figure it is I never consciously decided to heterosexual so how can I rightly judge another person for their sexual preference? My issue... well not even issue, my question is why do so many homosexual men feel the need to intentionally alter their behavior and speech to broadcast that they are indeed gay? The little flourishes, and diamond studs, and sudden lisps from people who didn't possess them prior, the clothing that clings so tight or is emblazoned with rainbows and all other such manner of stereotypical gay garbage. This is what I don't understand, changing your behavior and style and speech and mannerisms is not pride in who you are as a gay man, it's a loud shrill cry of "oh oh look at me, I like men and everyone must know it!" Pride in yourself, gay or straight, is acting how you want, dressing how you want, moving how you want and not putting on a damn show for anyone but yourself. I'm not trying to bash gay culture here, I simply don't understand the seemingly strict adherence to the style and mannerisms when so much of the time it's so obviously a show. But whatever, it's not so important in the long run, I simply can't stand this sheeple thing that people do, maybe I'm just weird. The thing I'm most proud of in high school is not bending for popularity, not giving a damn who was cool or what was in. Being fine with climbing up and walking on handrails for no reason other than my amusement, the things I still do today. 

Anyhow Main Point: People. Don't fold to your stereotypes, stand proud as the individual you are. If you like the diamond earring, male or female, gay or straight, then get it and don't let anyone give you shit for it.

Myself? I'm a goof dressed in collared shirts and a pseudo-military jacket wandering the streets of Denver singing Goth Rock along with my iPod as I jump off of thing I don't belong on. I race buses down the mall in my favorite purple shirt and the jeans I wear regardless of the weather. If I had any money I'd likely by myself some nice vests and a pocket watch because they are so damn dapper.

Anyhow. Goodnight.

P.S. Oh yes, in case you are into such things, Burger Mary's has a Drag Queen Tuesday thing apparently.


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