Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas. Or rather I already am.

Do you know how amazing it feels to sleep in a decent bed for the first time in a month? I slept so hard that I am now experiencing a feeling of fatigue, I got 12 hours of sleep tonight, it was freaking wonderful. I should probably stop bragging about my eXtreme sleeping before it upsets my insomniac of my roommate, also my apparent boozehound of a roommate... Henry you do realize that I'm going to be gone like a month right? I didn't expect you to go through that entire bottle before I even landed.

Anyhow the plane ride was unpleasant, but I suppose that's what I get for trying to fly home 3 days before Christmas. I woke up at noon and took a cab to the airport, normally I'd have asked Hank for a ride but he was looking pretty ragged. Supposedly he's hardly slept in days, anyhow I figured it would be best to not put him anywhere near one of the 1.5 ton death machines we call cars in his condition. Got to the airport, checked my bag and stood in line for close to two hours before waiting for my plane to show up. Had a two hour flight to Houston Int Airport where I got to wait for the next flight into Austin. Unfortunately that flight was delayed. Significantly. After an hour and a half the plane finally landed to pick us up and I managed to get home. 40 minutes or so at a busy baggage claim and I was finally on my way home, only took 8 hours and a time change to get back to my place.

Waiting and dead batteries aside it wasn't a terrible trip. And damn does it feel good to be home.


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