Friday, December 31, 2010

How rude of me

I have been rude to you dear viewers.

And so I must say to all of the kind ladies, gentlefolk, and adorable woodland critters who follow this blog, I apologize for not stopping in to wish you all a Merry Holiday of your choosing. This apology is particularly aimed at the woodland creatures as they have bears amongst their ranks and I'd very much prefer my new year be mauling free, it is however an equal opportunity apology and can redeemed by any and all of our readership at this very URL.

As for an actual update I'd simply like to inform you all that I am toying with an idea of sorts; gamer as I am much of my free time is spent in front of some sort of illuminated screen. I recently came upon an old game of mine, a truly terrifying game, this idea of mine is to go and record a Let's Play of System Shock 2. I'm fond of this idea, while not fully certain it's something my meager laptop can manage, as this will give you all an opportunity to hear me scream like a little girl and frantically flee from all manner of beasties, particularly the monkeys. Goddamn terrifying monkeys. Of course with my imminent student teaching I'm not sure how far in I'll be able to get into should I manage to get it working at all. But for you my audience, I will see what I can do.

So for all of you, especially the bears,
A Happy New Year
With much love and seasonal cheer,


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