Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I hate being sick.

I really don't normally get sick, possibly because I self-immunize by exposing myself to sick people. Possibly because I just have a strong Immune system, but regardless of the reasoning I tend to stay rather healthy, so I'm really really miserable when I'm sick. There is really nothing like hacking up a lung when you try to go to sleep, nothing like the feeling of your throat constricting with every swallow of food or spit. Anyhow thats all I wanted to say for now, I'll be back later to post an actual introduction dealie after grabbing an Orange Juice and yelling at my school administrators until they get it through their thick skulls that I'm already insured and will not be paying the $665 for their mandatory health insurance bullshit. And you know, dealing with this school's Goddamn bureaucracy is much less fun than being sick.
~ Kal


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