Sunday, December 5, 2010

I had planned to be a bit more busy as far as posting here, especially in the very beginning (strong start and whatnot), but my life became suddenly busy this weekend (apart from school). A couple friends of mine who opted not to go to college this semester came and visited and I've been spending the days with them (sorry for the neglect Kal) and then coming home late and doing homework until I felt like I might simply pass out. But they're gone now and the weekend is over anyhow. But it was a fun-filled two days of movie theatres (and yes I will always spell the word like that) and restaurants and just walking around the area seeing what we can find to do.

Anyhow, seeing as my life is likely not going to be so packed with activity in the near future (except maybe during the Christmas-y time and stuff), I should be able to get some more writing done and posted up in my free time.


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