Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Silver lining a dining table
Reclining patrons lost in fable

Never wanting
But ever able.

Is it odd that God should be as thus?
I mean, why shouldn't He make a fuss?
Well, p'raps he is,

But we're on the Inquisitor's bus...

Or maybe this is just the universe
Where nothing is true
Except the weight of a purse
And the urchin-boy just needs a toy to ease his ride in the hearse.

Another Karamazov reference. I haven't slept since the 20th. I tried to sleep, but it just wouldn't come. So I spent an hour outside staring up at the moon, until the orange went away. Then I went back in, rubbed warmth back into my face and stared at the darkness until it became morning.
If this keeps up I'm going to the store and getting something to help me sleep. Thank whatever god or gods for the end of semester. I think I was hallucinating for a little while in the dark.



1 comment:

  1. Well if you need it you're welcome to my melatonin and shitty vodka while I'm away. Seriously though drink that Vodka, I drink so rarely and it's so awful that I seriously need someone to drink it to justify buying some decent stuff that doesn't taste like ass. Think of it as a really shitty inebriating Christmas present from me.