Thursday, December 2, 2010

Illness Report

So yeah remember yesterday when I said I'd go on a whole big spiel about who I am and whatnot? Yeah... that's not happening. Ya see I've been awake for all of I dunno maybe 8 hours since I wrote that, and honestly because I really hate doing that kind of thing. I'm far too paradoxical and admittedly hypocritical to really define in anything less than a 30 page dissertation, and fuck that noise. No way I'm typing up 30 pages so some folks on the internet can get me when I often times can't even get myself.

Ugg, I really really hate being sick though. Did I mention that? Hell, I'm not even all that fond of sleeping yet this damn cough and fever has had me out cold like all day, seriously I cannot even remember where this bag of cough drops came from. I think Henry may have thrown them at me last night, but that could easily have just been a dream.

Anyhow, yeah sorry, maybe some other time... I'm gonna go back to sleep now.



  1. Ugh, you're sick too huh? Been this way since last Friday. I get to catch up on Batman Beyond now though...

  2. Wow you responded to that fast, three minutes really? You e-stalking me or something Damien?

    Anyhow uh sorry to hear you're sick too, started for me sometime Sunday night. Too bad my trip was cut short and we didn't get a chance to watch Batman like we planned.